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Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Please Read These Terms Of Use Carefully Before Using Our Website

These Terms of Use set forth the terms by which you may use www.ifmct.com (Integrative Family Medicine). By using our website you expressly acknowledge that you have read, accepted and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and all applicable laws hereunder. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use then please do not use this website.
We may modify the Terms of Use at any time without notice and the amended terms will apply immediately. Please refer back to these Terms of Use from time to time to ensure that you are aware of any changes. Any reference to these Terms of Use includes all such policies.
These Terms of Use apply to all users of this website whether you are a visitor browsing the website or purchaser of any products available for sale on the website

Nature of www.ifmct.com (Integrative Family Medicine)

www.ifmct.com is an informational website dedicated to helping those who want to learn more regarding holistic health and various treatments and philosophies presented by our physicians and staff. It is our intent to educate visitors regarding various alternative therapies and provide the opportunity to experience these therapies at our clinic. We may also provide the opportunity to purchase supplements and other products on our website. Results for treating any condition using content associated with our website are not guaranteed.

Eligibility to use www.ifmct.com (Integrative Family Medicine)

Only adults are eligible to make purchases through www.ifmct.com . By using this website for such purposes you warrant and represent that you are at least 18 years of age and that you are fully competent and able to enter into any terms, conditions, obligations, representations and warranties set forth in these Terms of Use and to abide and comply with them.

Product Sales

As of this time www.ifmct.com does not participate in the sale of products. However upon the event that Integrative Family Medicine enters into such activity we may make products available for sale including, but not limited to, e-books and carefully selected products (supplements, herbs, etc). Posts and pages on this website may also contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link the costs will be the same but Integrative Family Medicine will receive a small commission to assist in covering the costs incurred for this site. In the future we also reserve the right to participate in affiliate advertising programs if necessary.

Content Disclaimer

The information contained on this website has not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The content of www.ifmct.com along with any articles or information provided on our website have been prepared for general information purposes only. Content should not be taken as medical advice or a professional medical opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. Although our contributors are licensed physicians they are unable to provide specific advice without an in-person scheduled appointment at our facility. Information on our site is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete and you should not rely on it to make any decisions, medical or otherwise.
We disclaim all liability with respect to actions taken, or not taken, based upon any contents of our website. If we provide any specific examples of medical outcomes or testimonials within our site please be advised that we cannot guarantee a similar outcome for any individual.
Through the content of our website we encourage visitors to schedule an appointment for treatment or medical counseling with our physicians. However we have not established a professional relationship with any person or entity as a result of any visit to or interaction with our site; a relationship will be formed upon an appointment where proper consent forms will be signed by the patient. Readers should not act upon any information provided on this site without seeking advice from a licensed physician that they currently have a patient-physician relationship with or until meeting with one of our physicians.

Restrictions on Use

www.ifmct.com may only be used for lawful purposes and should only be used by visitors seeking information regarding holistic therapies and natural health. Any other use of the website is prohibited including, but not limited to, the following:
If you become aware of any inappropriate use of this website please notify us immediately.

Making Comments

www.ifmct.com may provide users the ability to leave comments that can be shared with other members of the online community. You are responsible for ensuring that any comments you make are appropriate and are not illegal, obscene, threatening, harassing, defamatory, invasive of privacy, infringing of intellectual property rights, or otherwise objectionable. They also may not consist of or contain software viruses, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings or any form of “spam.” In addition you are responsible for refraining from making ad hominem attacks on third parties or using profanity.
If you post comments you grant our staff a nonexclusive, royalty free, perpetual irrevocable right to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute and display such comments in any area and using any media, as well as granting sublicenses to third parties. You represent and warrant that you own all rights in the comment that you post and that such comments do not violate our Terms of Use. We reserve the right to monitor and remove any comments at any time without notice. We also have the right to delete or ban inappropriate comments at any time for any reason.

Use of Live Chat Program

www.ifmct.com may provide users the ability to chat live with a staff member while visiting the website. A notification will be provided at the beginning of every chat session notifying the user that the chat program is not to be considered secure or HIPAA compliant. The use of the live chat program will be limited to discussing products or services provided by our facility and other basic information. We will not discuss any user’s personally identifiable or medical information via live chat and any information provided that violates this policy is done at the sole risk and discretion of the user; our live-chat staff will then notify the user that such information has been provided and will redirect or terminate the chat. The user has permission to terminate the chat at any time for any reason.

Third Party Websites

www.ifmct.com may contain links to other websites which are independently owned and maintained, hereafter referred to as “Third Party Sites.” Links to Third Party Sites are provided as citations and aids to help users identify and locate other resources that may be of interest. If you follow a link to one of these sites then you will be transferred to another site beyond our control. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will no longer be applicable and we will not review or have any responsiblity for the accuracy, completeness or any other aspect of content of those sites. Integrative Family Medicine cannot be held responsible for content or opinions expressed by these sites or actions taken by users at their recommendation. We do not intend that links to Third Party Sites be referrals to, or endorsements of, linked entities or to any information they make available. We will remove any link from our site upon request from the Third Party Site.

Intellectual Property

www.ifmct.com , the content and design elements of this site and any products sold on the website are the sole and exclusive property of www.ifmct.com unless otherwise specified. You may not reproduce, copy, display, distribute, republish or otherwise use for any commercial purpose any Intellectual Property without our permission. You may not remove or alter any content appearing on any part of the website or any products sold therein. Any code on the pages of our site is also protected and you may not use or copy such code.

Privacy Policy

The physicians and staff of Integrative Family Medicine and www.ifmct.com believe that your privacy is of the upmost importance. Read the following to learn more about how information will be stored and used.
Our policy applies to all personal information given and received, including all information from your past use of any of our products and services. We define personal information as anything that would identify you: address, phone number, email address, name, preferences and other information that would not be generally available to the public. This policy applies to Integrative Family Medicine and no other companies or entities.
www.ifmct.com does gather personal information when you visit the site, leave a comment, use live chat, sign up for our newsletter, submit an inquiry or appointment request, or purchase or use any of our products or services.
When you sign up for our newsletter we receive your name and email address only. If you leave a comment we generally receive your name, email address, and potentially your website information. If you participate in live-chat we generally receive your name, email address, any information willingly provided during the chat, and potentially your website information. For purchases and services we may ask for relevant financial information and may request or collect information such as your name, contact information, birth date, gender, location, occupation and preferences. When you submit an inquiry or appointment request we receive your name and email address as well as (per your choice) your phone number, medical condition, preferred physician and service information and any details you provide in the message content.
We do not rent, sell, give away or share any of your personal information unless it is to provide a service or product that you request or is regulated by confidential requirements. We value our relationship with you and respect your privacy. Your personal information is never made available without your explicit consent.
www.ifmct.com may need to set a cookie (used to store small amounts of information) on your computer. www.ifmct.com uses Google Analytics and a site-based metric system to collect visitor data and analyze traffic on our site. This information helps us understand customer interests and, in turn, improve our website. When you visit our site the pages you view and a short text file called a cookie are downloaded to your computer. This information is collected for traffic analysis only and does not contain personal details. Depending on the browser you use you can set preferences to block cookies and notify you before they are placed. Google Analytics does not sell, give or trade the statistics they store to any 3rd parties for data-mining or marketing purposes. Other companies not affiliated with www.ifmct.com do not have access to our cookies.
We reserve the right to talk with you regarding matters related to your use of products and services associated with www.ifmct.com , including but not limited to announcements, service and administrative updates and health information.
You are free to terminate your subscription to any mailing lists or forums associated with www.ifmct.com at any time.
We provide complete physical, electronic and procedural security steps that comply with all federal government regulations in order to protect your information. We will not share your information with employees without their reasonable need to access your information in order to perform their job related to providing you with products and services that you request.
Regarding pictures, images, graphics etc: All content is property of www.ifmct.com unless otherwise noted. We always try to give credit to appropriate parties but there may be instances where we unintentionally fail to do so. If you find content on our site that belongs to you and you would prefer that it be removed please contact us and we will do so immediately with our sincerest apologies.
We may modify our policy at any time. If so changes will be reflected on this page.